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I help people to become more full-stack, in a macro sense, in order to continually amplify their wealth accumulation results over a lifetime.

By having a more diverse skill set over and above your specialty area you can get more done faster. This is also described as being T-Shaped, and on this page you may subscribe to the mailing list of this name.

This came about from my original training in Oenology where a diverse set of skills is an essential part of being a good winemaker, however it applies to anyone who finds themselves to be over-specialised.

What I do now is apply these principles to help you work out how best to invest your money and time.

I show people how to use scientifically-applied strategies in areas where they are preoccupied every day, to reduce wasted time and stress by more than 23% and create at least 4x leverage to amplify their wealth.

Firstly, my coaching program uses the vehicle of the stock market to help people become better investors by improving their understanding of the major asset classes for investment; cash, property, stocks, hard assets/commodities, and business.

This is an overview not investment advice, however it is essential information for newcomers to investing their own assets, to know where to start looking. It can help you to avoid rookie mistakes which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Instead you save up to a decade in time working it all out by yourself and being behind the 8-ball, when in the meantime you could have been making money towards a more free and fulfilling retirement up to 14 years earlier.

Emphasis is on the psychological self-mastery required to be successful in investing. The best part is, these are lessons which can be applied for success in many other areas of life, for example in sport.

My own specialty area is investment in metals and hard assets, stemming from my training and interest in chemistry. The Hard Assets Amplifier closed group is accessible by my clients once they have reached Module 5 of the Wealth Amplifier Strategy program.

Secondly, it is important to be physically at the top of your game for better decision-making, especially at those times when you might feel under a little extra pressure.

Over the last eight years I have developed a craft vinegar project which is one cog in a personal energy and strength enhancement regime, and in achieving economy in nutrition. I have applied my previous training in biology and biochemistry to the formulating of a nutritional strategy to boost my productivity by 11.4% or more, day in and day out, year in and year out. This is the key to achieving greater compounded gains over time.

Thirdly, I have initiated a wine knowledge and presentation program for people new to wine, perhaps from countries without a longstanding wine-drinking culture, to help them advance their social skills in business which can be career-enhancing. And for providing better entertaining experiences at home.

These lessons are included as modules of my coaching program to show you how you can increase your effective output each day, and where you can expect to add up to 2 x 7-year cycles to your lifespan.
Learn How to Use Scientifically-Applied Strategies
In areas where you are preoccupied every day to reduce wasted time and stress by more than 23%, and create at least 4x leverage to Amplify your Wealth.

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Tim has made wine across Australia, in California and in France, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany to name just a few locations. Now he still innovates with wine styles alongside other interests.

Tim Mortimermail @ timrmortimer . com