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Mark Shearwood Interview on Radio 5MU on October 11th, 2019

It's not enough just to earn money - you have to know how to invest it. This is essential now that only below-inflation rates of interest can be earned in a bank account or term deposit.

It is the opposite now from when our grandparents could just put money into a savings account and earn more than 10% interest in a low-inflation environment. Yet for most people their thinking hasn't adapted to this current reality.

One essential vehicle for investment is property - because the entire economy rightly or wrongly revolves structurally around land and property.

However most people all-too-willingly take on board mainstream media propaganda when taking a stab at a property investment strategy. In fact there are many ways to approach it.

In this interview you can listen to someone who knows how to do it right. Enjoy this glimpse into the story of one of my mentors in property investment Mr. Mark Shearwood.


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I help residential homeowners take a giant step towards achieving their life aspirations in as little as 3 months by potentially realising $100,000s from their vacant land, as cash into their bank account.

I do this through my LAND TO LIFE FORMULA.

It’s a 3-step system I’ve established to help property owners bypass obstacles acting as a hindrance, and instead open up a clear pathway to move forward rapidly on their life plan.

NO MORE letting life’s opportunities for you or your family pass you by, just to keep up with mortgage repayments.

NO MORE going to work every day with the world on your shoulders because you can’t afford to be without a good paying job for more than a few weeks.

Instead, just let our experienced team develop your little-used vacant land ready for sale in the fastest possible time and then sell it for you, without you having to do any work or put in any money.

For the homeowner it’s really very easy.

How it works is that instead of you having to borrow or invest $30,000 to $100,000 for a subdivision and put yourself under stress organising everything, I help you to make a plan aligned with your aspirations, where you will receive an agreed amount of money when the land is sold.

Then we carry out the development on your behalf providing all of the money required. Finally we find a buyer for the land whereupon you will receive the agreed amount of cash, without you having to do any work or put any money down.

In order to move forward on a development project, we only choose clients who are patient and prepared to work with us calmly and cooperatively to help bring the project to fruition.

If you don't necessarily want to sell your land, or you have money to invest, then find out about the full range of services available to help you overcome your property roadblocks..

No matter whether your development project will cost less than $20,000, more than $1M, or anywhere in between.

Together with our experienced affiliate partners we can bring the following services to the table;

  • Development consultancy
  • Property subdivision: residential and rural, single and multi-lot.
  • Project management on your behalf.
  • Renovations
  • Building of apartments, townhouses, micro-apartments and granny flats.
  • Joint ventures for example where you provide the land and we provide the know-how and capital.
Tim provides simple strategic solutions to help people with their everyday wealth accumulation challenges.