ATTENTION: Retirement Savers
& New Stock Market Investors

Chained to your desk because you "need the money"?

Do you feel like there's little realistic hope of this ever changing?

Here's how to replace your income using the stock market in a way that you finally understand!

I have discovered a simple system for investing in the stock market which has replaced my income, with none of that geeky software most people seem to use... instead just using the everyday tools you can get for free in a normal brokerage account.

There is no more need for those costly mistakes made by beginners, and having to interrupt your job every five minutes to check the markets.

My little-known common-sense trading & investing system derived by learning from some of the world's best traders, could mean the difference between being chained to your commute and your desk until the age of 60 rather than 50, or 70 rather than 60, or even 80 instead of 70!

Are you sure that your boss will even keep employing you until that age? 

Over that amount of time what else would you rather be doing? 

Stuck in the daily commute for two hours every day in traffic getting worse and worse? Wishing that you'd done something different twenty years ago when the opportunity was there and you still had enough energy? ...

Because your already-retired friends are all out playing golf, travelling overseas, watching cricket at Lords, or enjoying long lunches whilst you're still listening to sports radio in yet another traffic jam from endless roadworks.

Wouldn't you rather be spending that valuable time on a project you are really passionate about?

How about the gratitude you will receive from your children or grandchildren, from being able to throw a ball around and attend more of their school activities?

You already know that costs of living are rising, real wages and salaries are not, and the government won’t have enough money to pay pensions at some not-so-distant point in the future which will arrive soon enough.

To ditch your job earlier there are two ways;

- Do something different

- Do something additional

IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU NEED TO DO MORE: Then I can show you the simple system I’ve developed which has doubled the balance on my invested funds in just over 5-years, net of any new money put in.

There is potential for my investment accounts to be doubled 4-times in as little as a 20-year period. Even with no extra money put in.

However it is essential to have some fundamental trading skills and this is where I can introduce my simple trading system to you.


It's a four-point integrated system I've developed to help investors;

1. Gather critical information to help you set your strategy.
2. Know when to buy and sell in order to;
3. Reduce Risk and
4. Amplify Profits.

The best part is, this system works equally as well for short-term as for long-term investors and in any asset class. It lowers risk and there are no complicated financial instruments to learn how to use.

You can even use it in your superannuation fund where 99% guaranteed you own some stocks!

Most importantly you will always have personal control over your own invested funds, whether doing it by yourself or in collaboration with your investment advisor. 

NO MORE having to hand over big chunks of your hard-earned cash to someone else to look after, and then keep your fingers crossed.

(In the hope of earning enough money to buy inflation-adjusted fish & chips).

NO MORE listening to your investment advisor speak in a language you don’t understand. 

(And then watch him drive off in a high-performance sports sedan purchased with the proceeds of your own hard-earned money). 

AND NO MORE watching your retirement funds evaporate in market downturns due to factors beyond your control.

(And where your account manager doesn't then have to give the fees back which were earned on the way up!)

Seriously, can you afford another 50% decimation such as happened during the GFC in 2008/09?

Wouldn't you rather be in a situation where you are more motivated in your job or business because you know exactly how to amplify the income it produces and reduce risk at the same time?

Now that my system is established, it only takes me as little as one hour per week to monitor it, and to always be ready to take opportunities and reduce risk. 

If you be smart about it, by amplifying your invested funds using this simple and straightforward system, you can easily take up to 10-years off of your working life and instead spend the time doing what you really love doing.

In fact, the sooner you start, the more opportunities you will have to amplify your retirement funds. 

And here is one opportunity you can take advantage of right now! 

I can show you how to get up-and-running quickly in the stock market with NO NEED to suffer the gut-wrenching pain of big-ticket losses, and joining the ranks of the 53% of investors who half of their starting capital in the first 12-months and have no idea what just happened.

The consequent loss of all-important positive momentum then becomes an ongoing cost as well!

Instead, you can see in 40-minutes what has taken me many thousands of hours over eight years to learn.

This is the first step in demystifying the stock market so it doesn't seem so threatening and intimidating.

Find out the 3 Simple Actions you can take right now, to get some control over your investments and reduce risk, revealed today in this FREE nothing-to-buy live webcast...

Tim uses Applied Science to provide simple strategic solutions to help people with everyday wealth accumulation challenges.